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What We Offer

We offer free summer classes for kids, we have two workbooks (Basic and Advanced). The next exciting thing for us is our Grade 8 Math competition coming up this August 

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Are you a grade 8 student looking to enhance your critical thinking skills and win some cash? Look no further! 

This summer, we are excited to announce our math competition for students in grade 8. The competition is designed to challenge and inspire young minds, and will award the top three winners with cash prizes. To participate, simply brush up on your math skills and problem-solving abilities. 

You can purchase Beyond Math workbooks on Amazon for your practice exercises. The competition will test your ability to think creatively and strategically, and will push you to reach your full potential. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your talents and earn some extra cash. 

Sign up today and start preparing for the competition! Here are what you need to know: 

    • The competition is open to students in grade 8. 
    • The competition will take place in August. 
    • The top three winners will receive cash prizes. 

We look forward to seeing your math skills in action! To sign up and for more information, please fill the application form below. 

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A peak into beyondmath

Beyond Math Workbooks are the perfect way to introduce analytical reasoning into your children’s educational routine. Our workbooks are packed with interactive activities that use real-world examples to stimulate problem-solving skills and develop critical thinking.

From math puzzles to work problems, our workbooks challenge your kids to think beyond the basics and apply their knowledge in creative ways. With our comprehensive content and easy-to-follow instructions, your kids can learn the fundamentals of analytical reasoning engaging and enjoyably.

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Our Team

Meet the CEO and the COO of Beyondmath. 


Onanma Uboma

CEO, Beyondmath

Jasmine is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Beyond Math. Jasmine is a Western University Statistics undergraduate student class of 2025. Jasmine excelled in Math through elementary and high school and will be engaging kids in the weekly analytical class.

Jasmine has worked with school age kids at various occasions such as E2 Young Engineers, Kids camps and other community outlets

You can contact Jasmine directly on


Jamike Uboma

COO, beyondmath

Jamike Uboma is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Beyond Math. Jamike is a grade 11 student at Bishop Reading Catholic Secondary School, Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Jamike is a high performing math student and able to help kids learn and master the act of mathematical problem solving.

The competition

The Beyondmath Competition offers unique opportunities to grade 8 students to win cash prizes.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 students in each batch of the competition. This cash award could be applied towards the students’ education supplies.