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Beyond Math Competition

Math Competition Rules and Explanation:

Please Note: A Gmail account is required to log in to the exam portal. If you don't have one, kindly create one before the exam. It is required to access the exam portal. Once logged in, you will need to provide your school email address used during registration. Use the access code provided in the reminder email wherever a passcode is required.

For instance, you must enter the passcode at the bottom of this page to Start the Exam. Please, under no circumstance, share your passcode with anyone. It will be used to uniquely identify you for determining if you won the competition. Sharing it will lower your chances of winning.

Important: The timer will not start until you meet the following conditions:

  • You entered the passcode at the bottom of this page
  • You entered your full name (used during registration) on the next page
  • Clicked on the 'Start Button' on the next page

Please take the time to read the rest of the instructions.

1. Competition Overview: The competition involves solving mathematical patterns in given examples and finding the missing number in the question below.

2. Examples: There will be two examples provided at the top of each question, which will have exactly the same pattern.

3. Solving Questions: Participants are required to use the pattern in the examples to solve the question below it.

4. Number of Questions: There will be a total of 30 questions to be solved within 45 minutes.

5. Scoring Criteria: Accuracy and speed will be considered to rate the participants. The participant with the highest accuracy and the least time for submission will be declared the winner.

6. Allowed Tools: Participants are allowed to use only basic mathematical tools such as a pen, paper, and a calculator (if needed).

7. Final Decision: The competition organizers' decision on the winner will be final.

8. Rules and Changes: The competition organizers reserve the right to make changes to the rules and regulations at any time.

Note: The purpose of the competition is to test participants' mathematical skills, problem-solving abilities, and time management. The competition organizers encourage participants to use the given time wisely and to focus on accuracy while solving the questions.

Click on the "Start Exam" button to proceed to the exam questions.